Liva Derma – IS This Retinol Facial Serum Legit or SCAM? Read & Buy..

Liva Derma Serum: 

Liva Derma Serum is a natural looking serum that blends with various natural ingredients that work on skin lightening giving your skin an even tone. It works on minimizing the scars from acne and deals with it from the roots and stimulates skin regeneration.  

Liva Derma Serum is helpful to clear all skin blemishes with the high captured ability of collagen level. It maintains a water level that enhances your plump skin and velvety look. It clears skin impurities whilst it deeply penetrating into all skin layers by removes damage tissues. Your dark complexion will be removing and clean dark circle of eye area by this natural serum. It ensures for 100% result as well as repairs all issues you might have with your skin.

Works To Maintain Visibly Fairer Skin:

Liva Derma Serum is anti-aging skin application that can apply a few drops all over skin that instantly absorb for a glossy result and that helps to improve your skin quality by reducing skin wrinkles and other future developing blemishes.

  • Stop future developing spots: it has the ability to stop future developing wrinkles and reduce all upcoming aging marks from the root.
  • Provide moisture skin: This is natural skin care application that works in all weather especially it gives moisture to dry skin and maintain elasticity of the skin.
  • Reduce wrinkles: it reduces wrinkle and fine line. It reduces various skin blemishes and finally it giving clean and clear skin.
  • Reduce pigmented skin: it reduces pigmentation of skin which expresses due to dirt and dust hence it gives you smooth skin.
  • Reduce dark coloration: it can reduce dark coloration of skin which usually increases pustules effects. Our skin changes into dull and damage whilst you come in contact with pollution, therefore, this effective serum work for your skin for clearing skin surface.

How to use?

Liva Derma Serum is daily use application; it is a very light weighted application that is used with light massage. You can see the right direction to use.

  • You can apply daily to your face, neck, and forehead also.
  • Take a small amount of palm then apply with very light massage.
  • Leave this layer on your face until you come in your home.  


  • Hyaluronic Acid: This is a new enhancing ingredient that helps to renovate your skin by dullness. It makes your skin tightens and gives white effects. With a natural ability to replenish moisture that revitalizes skin outer layers so they look and feel softer, whitens, brighter skin and revitalizes skin eternal use only.
  • Anti-Oxidant: It has qualitative skin ingredient that is used in the various anti-aging product. Actually, this is a natural way to prevent your skin from wrinkles, scars, and blemishes as well.  it stays out your skin from inflammation such as redness and puffiness and helps to decrease aging marks of skin.


  • It hydrates the skin & gives a smooth surface.
  • It is non-greasy and non-sticky.
  • Reduce wrinkles, scars and uneven skin tone.
  • Increase collagen level to stop aging effects.
  • It also helps for facilitates, young and healthy skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Work as a natural umbrella to protects your skin from sun damaging effects.


  • Sweat resistance
  • Skin friendly texture
  • Non-irritating cause
  • Natural blended with traditional effects.

Instant result:

Liva Derma Serum will give instant result if you are applying it regularly; it is very fast and protective for all skin types. You can get a result in 3 months after regular and safe use.


Jecklin: I am 45 years old lady and I got this serum before 3 months ago when I was living with a dark complexion and wrinkled skin. But my dermatologist suggests me this natural serum which very lightens and effective to provide even complexion and maintain wrinkle-free skin.  it is suitable for me and it gave me natural beauty without side effects.

Where to buy this exclusive?

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Liva Derma Serum is helpful for all skin types that leave skin looking fairer and without blemishes. It is formulated with high efforts of traditional ingredients that are approved for lightens and brightens skin tone and safely protect from sun damaging harmful rays.

This is tested and approved from FDA and deliver with safe measured at your doorsteps.

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